Focus :             Data Aggregation      Market Research      Trend Spotting 
                                                      Software :     Tableau      Illustrator     Photoshop 

A final year project for my Info Systems and Data Analysis Course at UBC.

My peers and I worked on creating a Buyers Guide through the aggregation of price data from Bring A Trailer, Autocar, Craigslist and other online classifieds. 

From 2010, 911's have been extremely sought after models and the chassis has appreciated dramatically, unlike other European counterparts, making it increasingly difficult to obtain a reasonably priced example. 

Using Illustrator I created shapes of each 911 body type from the data list in Tableau, making it easier for the user to disseminate the body type at a glance, rather than rolling over each shape with the cursor. 

The goal was to create data visualizations that would price out a spectrum of 911s, displaying each as a data point based on generation, year, paint, body type and condition, to create a buyers guide that would give the average enthusiast real time prices. 

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