E34 M5 Pirelli print ad study. Final after post in photoshop. 
Original ad from 1987
                 Replicating soft box lighting and environment ambience.

Rendered first pass with bloom and ambient occlusion. 

Caustics and Shadows study. 

Model courtesy of Syzmon Kubicki

Spline dynamics study with softbody materials. 

Cozy Technica experimental pre-cursor render: For social media and our About page. 

Using an atom array to create a skeleton wireframe for a 3D asset.
This look was envisioned with early 80s 3D modelling software in mind, to also capture the mannerisms that the software exhibited with a staggered frame refresh rate when rendering nodes and splines. 

The Cozy R32 Poster design. 
Inspired by retro magazine style illustrations for new sports vehicle catalogues of the early 90s, this scene was rendered as a graphic for apparel and print application, to commemorate the day my colleague took delivery of his R32 from Japan. 
Modelling and lighting process to create studio stylized lighting by using using Octane Renders in engine camera and area light nodes. Assigning each light panel a light pass ID to properly target areas on the model. 

Texturing and tweaking specular and roughness parameters to ensure realistic, yet surreal materials were achieved. 

Virtually mixing paint using Carpaint lite, to create believable metallic grey paint with the right amount of metallic falloff and orange peel, to depict a reflective spectrum of car paint colors, whilst retaining the classic early 90s magazine texture overall. 

Exported PSD to Photoshop to composite and stylize further with primitives and text. 

Keyframed animation using a wind effector to move the palms in an oscillating motion to mimic the movement of flora in wind. Rotation as a parameter was also used to keyframe a more random seeded movement. 

Octane Carpaint used to match the same lime green factory paint as the Lamborghini Miura.

Pre-beauty pass: The early modelling stage where lighting and camera focal view are blocked in the scene. 

            The original swedish print ad supplied by a www.bigcoupe.com forum member.
My first pass rendition after translating the text with the help of another forum member. 
Final animation: "M as in BMW"

Inspiration originated from a Swedish BMW print ad which I then translated word for word. I then decided to put a personal spin on the advert and render it as an animation. 
I wanted to get better at compositing in Octane render instead of Keyshot, so I used the alpha channel backplate method in Cinema 4d and Octane Render. This render also has a dual purpose of serving as a promotional image for our Cozy Technica CSL Gas shirt. 

Using the same CSL 3.5 model, I conceptualized what it would be like to come across one of these while on a walk. 

The background image was taken using a standard smartphone camera.

To match the perspective using octane renders camera, I changed the focal distance of the in scene camera to 28mm which aligned the perspective better and gave the placement of the car on the backplate a more believable feel 
Surface imperfections were added to the painted livery UVW map, using texture nodes that use normal maps of rain-like patterns I managed to create a somewhat believable sheen of rain water to the exterior of the model. 
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